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"You cannot put your child in a better place in the whole world. Not only will they learn and do everything you’ve been told here (at the Open House) tonight, but additionally they are truly loved by all the staff.”

Stacey B., parent

"As parents, we hope that in our children’s lifetime they will meet at least one person who leaves an impression on them. All of you have done just that for Jordyn. You have no idea of how your dedication to children, your ability to communicate, and your desire to see each and every one of your students succeed is appreciated."

Lauren and Ricky T., parents

"I walked into school last week and….children were in groups of two’s an three’s intrigued by all sorts of learning toys, guided by their wonderful teachers. There was that low hum of conversation that you associate with a very good classroom. I told the nearest teacher: “Somewhere, Maria Montessori is smiling.”

Soshana H., parent

The following are brief sketches of the people who make OMS what it is.

Betty Hengst is the educational director and co-founder with her late husband, Werner, of Our Montessori School. Werner, an IBMer for most of his years, became a convert to the Montessori Method when he discovered, in writing his Master’s thesis, that Montessori teachers agreed far more often with the principles of sound management than did actual corporate management! Betty has a B.A. in English from the University of Florida, an M.A. in Education from Long Island University, a Montessori certificate for ages six to nine from Whitby, a Montessori certificate from St. Nicholas Training Centre for ages 2 1/2 to 7, and is permanently certified by N.Y. State in Early Childhood Education for nursery, kindergarten, and grades 1 through 6, as well as in English for grades 6 through 12 and taught one year of Montessori at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School. Besides her 46 years in Montessori, Betty taught English in a very innovative high school in Melbourne, Florida. She also holds teaching certificates in Florida and Virginia and each year takes workshops in Early Childhood Education.

Barbara Diehl, Esq. joined OMS in February of 2016 when co-founder, Werner Hengst died, taking his place as administrator of Our Montessori School. Barbara, a Yorktown lawyer who has worked with OMS for twenty-five years, is already known to many in the OMS community and works beautifully with co-founder and educational director, Betty Hengst, executive director, Elizabeth Silverman, and Our Montessori School's CPA, Manix McClusky. Barbara’s reputation as a Yorktown lawyer is sterling, as is her reputation for caring deeply about education in her community. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a major in chemistry and earned a NY State provisional teaching certificate for secondary school science. Barbara taught additional educational courses at West Chester University as well as science at both high school and college levels. She then obtained her law degree from Pace Law School and did an internship in education law matters. And she served on the Yorktown School Board for 21 years. Barbara has a wonderful mix of detailed knowledge and common sense, as well as being a long-time friend of the school. Among her many talents: she’s our go-to person whenever we need an excellent speaker! There is no more perfect person to take Werner’s place in guiding OMS now and in the coming years. She has shown herself to be an invaluable part of the OMS team.

Elizabeth Silverman, our executive director, begins her thirty-fourth year at Our Montessori School. It’s hard to describe her many talents unless you’ve dealt with her, and then you know. Maybe the place to start is her own schooling—she was a Montessori baby, and it shows! She began with us as a parent doing our extended day program, which she approached the same way she does everything she tackles—by giving it her all, down to planning exquisite snacks and fascinating activities for the children with the love and patience typical of the Montessori person. Elizabeth holds a Montessori certificate from St. Nicholas Training Centre in London. She is our Montessori teacher trainer and developed five workshops the teachers find invaluable. Before coming to us, Elizabeth worked for many years as a clinical research technician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and contributed to two books, Best Bets for Babies and Tips for Toddlers. She takes innumerable workshops in Early Childhood Education every year. She is also certified in CPR for the professional rescuer and first aid. At OMS we know how blessed we are to have such a wonderful person capable of getting involved in practically every aspect of running the school, whether it’s showing the school to parents, dealing with various inspections, or seeing that each class has proper coverage during the flu season. We continue to be amazed at Elizabeth’s deep understanding of Montessori’s philosophy, excellent judgment, versatility, and incredible energy, which enables her to deal with numerous subjects at the same time. Only with such a person are we able to continue our determined effort to run the school efficiently, and with a minimum of administrative overhead, so that we can maintain our outstanding student-teacher ratio.

Our Head Teachers

Megan Coliskey Bellino joins OMS this year as our infant head teacher. Megan holds an AAS degree in Early Childhood Development from Westchester Community College with additional studies in the field of Psychology. Megan, a mother herself, has many years of teaching experience, including with infants and toddlers. She is excited to go through the Montessori training, and has already been studying the work of Magda Gerber, probably the world’s foremost authority on infant care and education. Megan created and taught “Adult and Me” art classes for children under the age of four, developed an after school art program for children five to twelve, worked one-on-one with parents to create a one-of-a-kind birthday party, managed and trained staff members and developed a curriculum for summer camp for children ages four to twelve. Megan has worked as a nanny for a NYC family, was an assistant teacher in the Purple Circle early childhood program for children two to five, where she also co-wrote the classroom newsletter. Megan was aide and assistant teacher in the Tuckahoe school district. In the Tuckahoe After School Care she implemented a monthly newsletter and did cooking and art projects with ages five to twelve. Megan worked for one year with infants and toddlers for one year at the Academic Fun Preschool in Dedham, MA. We are really excited to have found Megan so that we can re-open our wonderful infant program. Megan’s interests include drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, cooking, hiking, reading, and writing.

Randa Dobrayel begins her twenty-third year at OMS as head of our junior class, French and Arabic teacher for that class, and French teacher for our nursery/ kindergarten classes at the Lutheran campus. She received her degree in Pre-School and Elementary Education from the French University of St. Joseph (a Jesuit University) in Beirut, Lebanon. Randa taught elementary French for five years at Notre Dame des Soeurs Antonines and taught Arabic for one year in Scarsdale, N.Y. Randa successfully completed the Montessori course given by Elizabeth Silverman, takes several workshops in child development each year, recently one on the dark side of America’s achievement culture based on the documentary Race to Nowhere, and is certified in both first aid and CPR. She tutors French privately. Randa’s initiative, creativity and enthusiasm for learning, which she easily transmits to her students, make her a wonderful teacher, and, to a child, her students declare they love coming to school!

Enza Moschetta-Marricco begins her eighteenth year at Our Montessori School as head teacher of one of our Stepping Stones classes. She attended The Instituto Magistrate di Formia in Latina, Italy, which is a teacher-training institute, completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori course, holds a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential for infants and toddlers and is fluent in both Italian and Spanish. Each year Enza takes a large number of courses in child development and is certified in first aid, CPR for the professional rescuer, and use of the Epi-Pen. Again this summer she has been co-director of our summer camp and amazed all with her creative ideas for our campers. Enza has proved herself an awesome teacher. She has a natural gift for teaching and is gentle and loving with, and much loved by, our little ones. Enza is tireless in designing new ways for her little ones to learn, and the children delight at her attractive classroom that seems to have something special every day. She fully understands that even the youngest are capable of doing so much more than most people realize, and that they love doing it!

Marge Palombo begins her thirty-second year at OMS as head teacher of our nursery/kindergarten class in Carmel. She attended Westchester Community College for two years, and, for eight years, ran a day-care center in White Plains. She also has taught in our summer camp for many years and for two years was director of our Yorktown summer camp. Marge received her Montessori Certificate, having successfully completed the St. Nicholas Training Centre course, takes a large number of workshops each year including some for infants and toddlers, is certified in first aid, CPR for the professional rescuer, in the use of the Epi-Pen and is certified by the OCFS to administer medication. She also worked with the Yorktown Girl’s Lacrosse Association for the training and advancement of young women in athletics. Marge is an energetic, loving, conscientious teacher with a deep understanding of the Montessori approach.

Maria Lofaro Reit begins her fourth year with us, this year again as head teacher of one of our Stepping Stones classes. She has an A.A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Westchester Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies from the New School University in New York, NY. We are so thrilled to announce that Maria completed her Montessori training through KHT Montessori, LLC. Congratulations to you, Maria! She has lots of experience working with children, having been a nanny with children ages two through ten, directed a gym class for ages three through nine at Kids U in Pleasantville, NY, was head teacher for Head Start in Stamford, CT, was head infant teacher at Robin’s Nest Daycare and teacher’s assistant at Purple Circle Daycare. She is a conscientious, talented teacher who won honors in English Communications and service learning in high school; Deans List and President’s List at Westchester Community College and The New School where she also graduated with honors.

Alexandra Rundle begins her twenty-fifth year at OMS as head of one of our nursery/kindergarten classes. She holds a B.S. with high honors in Early Childhood Education from San Diego State University and successfully completed the St. Nicholas Montessori Training under Anne Burningham, as well as Elizabeth Silverman’s math workshop and recently one on the dark side of America’s achievement culture based on the documentary Race to Nowhere. Alex, who is certified in first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer, has taught at several nursery schools and camps, including the Infant Toddler Center at San Diego State University, one of the first infant/toddler programs in the country. She also studies voice and sings and acts in community theatre musicals. Alex brings excitement and variety to the classes with all her wonderful ideas, an especially successful program being one she developed on art appreciation for little ones.

Deniz Soyuer begins her thirty-first year with, this year as head teacher of our senior class. Deniz is a wonderful and compassionate teacher, who is able to help children reach their fullest potential in their educational experience. She is experienced in and fully committed to the principles of the Montessori method. She values each child and encourages growth and individuality. Because of her work with the junior class, deniz is also the ideal teacher to foster cooperative ventures between the junior and senior classes. Deniz has a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of California and has worked for a time as a draftswoman in Turkey. She holds a Montessori Certificate from St. Nicholas Training Centre, has taken Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshop in the cultural subjects and takes a number of workshops in Early Childhood Education every year. She is also certified in CPR as a professional rescuer and in the use of the Epi-Pen.

Sylvia Stiehl begins her third year at OMS, this year as head teacher of one of our nursery/kindergarten classes. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy and a Magister Degree in Early Education from the University of Warsaw in Poland, and Montessori Primary (ages 3-6) certification from the Polish Institute of Montessori. Sylvia was a Montessori teacher for two years in Poland, for one year at Shalom Yeladim Early Childhood Center in NYC, at Montessori Garden in White Plains for two years and an assistant teacher at OMS last year. She did a wonderful job in bringing us new ways to use extensions of the Montessori equipment and was so very generous in sharing all her ideas with her fellow teachers. She is a teacher who truly knows when to step in and when to step back with our nursery/kindergarten children. Looking at Sylvia’s resume, we noticed that after a year of Sylvia’s teaching with us, what she put on her resume says it best: Strong work ethic, caring attitude to attend to children’s needs, flexible, dedicated, team player, caring personality and genuine love of children, plus a through knowledge of Montessori philosophy and curriculum implementation. Besides this, she has helped train Montessori teachers!

Assistant Teachers

In addition to its Head Teacher, each class at OMS has at least one Assistant Teacher as well as teachers in several other areas such as Art, Music (Choral and Instrumental), Dancing (Ballet as well as Folk and Aerobics), Physical Education, Drama, Chess, and one or more of the following languages: French, Latin, Spanish, and Arabic. In the following pages the talents of these additional teachers are highlighted, though most work in all areas of Montessori teaching.

Sal Catalfamo begins his seventeenth year with us as chess teacher and is a life-long chess enthusiast who has taught the game in several local schools, adult education programs and after-school programs. He is president of the Northern Westchester Chess Club and a member of the U. S. Chess Federation. As a certified tournament director, he holds chess tournaments all over, and a number of our students have become good enough to participate in them. Sal has captivated his students with his knowledge of and love for the game.

Nina Eckwerth begins her thirty-third year at OMS, again as an assistant teacher in a Stepping Stones class. Nina took the St. Nicholas Montessori Training Centre course, and refresher workshops in Montessori math, sensorial materials, and practical life given by Elizabeth Silverman, besides the many workshops in early childhood development she takes each year. In addition she holds OCFS certification in administering medication and is certified in CPR for the professional rescuer with AED and Heartsaver first aid. Nina is a loving, caring teacher who can see both the forest and all the trees when working with children.

Cathleen (Cathy) Carabee Faiella joins OMS as our art teacher for our elementary students. She graduated from Connecticut College cum laude with a BA in psychology and a minor in studio art and completed all course work for a Master’s in counseling from Fordham University in Tarrytown. She has been a self-employed art instructor since 2001 and has worked in municipalities, art centers, senior citizen programs, libraries, churches, nursery schools, and childcare centers. Cathy was instructor, then assistant director at the Croton-Cortlandt Center for the Arts for eight years! Some of the classes she teaches are: clay, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, cartooning and she has taught every age. Cathy has big shoes to fill with our previous art teachers and I think she’s just the very one who can do it!

Mayra Giron returns to OMS this year. She did an internship in Marge Palombo’s nursery/kindergarten class a few years a ago. She holds a Montessori Teaching Accreditation for ages 3-6 from the College of New Rochelle. Mayra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Elementary Education from George Mason University in Virginia and an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Virginia Community College. She also took courses in computer applications and concepts. Mayra will work both in the classroom and as photographer taking pictures for our Facebook Page.

Patricia Guerrazzi begins her twentieth year at OMS as assistant teacher and extended day teacher. She holds a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential for the Preschool level. She has also taken Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshop on language, takes many workshops on child development each year including many on infants and toddlers, is certified in first aid, CPR for infants, children and adults, in the use of the Epi-Pen and has taught in our summer camp. Patty has an amazing ability to know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

Damarys Hance begins her sixteenth year as an assistant teacher and extended day teacher. She attended the University of Puerto Rico for four years, studying education, and worked as a teacher in Puerto Rico for one year. For six years before that, Damarys was a dental assistant. She completed four Montessori workshops given by Elizabeth Silverman in cultural subjects, language, sensorial, and practical life and each year takes a number of workshops in child development including many on infants and toddlers. She is certified in first aid, CPR and in the use of the epinephrine pen. Damarys has a gentle way with our toddlers, and the children love nothing better than hearing her read a story while sitting on her lap. She is excellent at anticipating the children’s needs.

Robyn Mabus begins her twenty-eighth year at OMS as physical education teacher and assistant classroom teacher. She attended Mesa College in San Diego and taught aerobics at Daley Junior College in Chicago. Robyn has been an ACE CES (American Council of Exercise) and AFAA CES (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) certified spinning instructor for over six years. Before coming to OMS, she was a flight attendant for two major carriers. Robyn completed the Montessori workshop in sensorial materials, one in practical life given by Elizabeth Silverman, and is certified in CPR for the professional rescuer with AED, basic first aid and the Epi-Pen. Robyn is the perfect person to teach phys. ed.—she’s so fit she’s affectionately known as Miss USA—she has brought much variety and many new sports to our physical education program. She also makes a fantastic classroom assistant because of her upbeat attitude, common sense, and wonderful rapport with children—not to mention the inspiring way she imparts her knowledge of nutrition to the children, who really have started on the road to healthy eating.

Alison MacDougall begins her twentieth year at OMS as assistant teacher. She completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshops in language, math, practical life and the cultural subjects. Alison previously was head teacher for twenty-three years at the Children’s Station and the Southeast Early Childhood Learning Center, both in Brewster. Twenty of those years she worked with Jill Jacobs and Judy Meyer, who are locally famous for their outstanding “Jill & Judy” teacher workshops, which many of our teachers have attended. Alison takes many workshops in early childhood development each year, is certified in CPR with AED, Hearsaver first aid and has taught in our summer camp. During our interview with Alison, one of our mothers whose older child had had her as a teacher walked in and was thrilled to see her as a prospective OMS teacher and said, “Hire her! On a scale of 1 to 10, she’s an 11!” She has, indeed, turned out to be a great addition to our school; she knows how to be aware of the whole room, even while giving individual attention to a single child.

Annemarie Mango begins her tenth year as an assistant teacher. She holds a B.S. in education from Seton Hall University where she graduated magna cum laude! She taught third and fourth grades in New Jersey at a parochial school. Annemarie just finished taking a Montessori training for ages three to six years through KHT Montessori, LLC. She is one of three teachers who completed it this year. Congratulations, Annemarie! She is certified in CPR, first aid and in the use of the Epi-Pen. Rave reviews from the teachers she has worked with give evidence of what a valuable, loving assistant she is in the classroom.

Michele Modesitt begins her thirty-first year with us as an assistant teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, and is certified in Pennsylvania in Early Childhood. She also holds a Montessori certificate from St. Nicholas Training Centre and attended Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshops on the sensorial materials, practical life, math and language. Each year Michele takes a number of workshops in child development, and is certified in first aid, CPR/AED and in the use of the Epi-Pen. She has taught ages four through seven in a summer camp in Lake Mohegan and has supervised the crib room for infants to three year-olds at Yorktown’s United Methodist Church, where our main office is. She also has worked many, many summers at our Camp for Little Kids. Michele is an energetic, loving teacher and a great help in the classroom.

Teresa Reverdito Rosas begins her third year with us as Spanish teacher for nursery-through sixth grade. Teresa, a native speaker from Uruguay, was wholeheartedly recommended by our own music teacher, Krystyna Seweryn, both as a wonderful teacher and as a wonderful person. Teresa holds a BS in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Primary Elementary Education from Instituto De Formacion Canelones, Uruguay. She has taught Spanish at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, St. Columbanus School, and St. Patrick’s School (kindergarten through sixth grade), for ten years, has been head teacher of several good pre-schools, including The International School and Flying Goose, as well as having taught elementary school, all subjects, at a school in Uruguay, for sixteen years. Our students all seem to look forward to Spanish class and enjoy the many fun ways, like songs and games, Teresa introduces to learn a foreign language.

Adriana Sarova begins her twenty-first year at OMS as head of a course in Latin and classical history that she developed for the juniors and seniors, and teacher of French in our nursery/ kindergarten, junior, and senior classes. She holds a Master’s Degree in Latin, French and English from Commenius University in Bratislava (in the Slovak Republic) and completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori course and is certified in CPR, first aid and the use of the Epi-Pen. Adriana taught for twelve years at the Language School of Presov, where her students ranged in age from third grade to adults, and for twelve years at the High School of Presov. She is also a NY State certified teacher. Adriana also studied piano for nine years. She simply has amazed us at OMS with her natural, gentle Montessori approach with children and the self-motivation we find so valuable in a teacher.

Rosemarie Scholl begins her thirty-fifth year at OMS. For many years she was head teacher of a nursery/kindergarten class, but because of the economy, we didn’t have enough students to continue the class. That loss is another class’s gain, because Rosie makes a very strong assistant in the nursery/ kindergarten class, where she contributes her incredible abilities to excite children about learning by constantly providing new and attractive ways to explore their world. Rosie previously taught at La Petite Ecole nursery school and took many courses in art and in-service training at Children’s Hospital in the Bronx, where she was a child development worker. She has also worked in our summer camp for four summers. Rosie holds a Montessori Certificate from St. Nicholas Training Centre and each year takes a large number of workshops. She is certified in both first aid and CPR. Rosie puts her all into teaching and so thoroughly understands the Montessori approach that children really utilize the equipment to the fullest and get along with each other just as the books say they will in the proper environment. She also loves to garden and incorporates her knowledge of ecosystems and conservation wherever she can.

Krystyna Seweryn begins her twentieth year at OMS as elective music teacher, regular music teacher and assistant teacher. She holds a degree in music teaching from the College of Music Pedagogy in Poland, where she taught first, second and third grades, and attended a workshop on partnerships with parents. Krystyna is an extremely gifited teacher as well as musician and brings a treasure trove of ideas for teaching music notation and other aspects of playing an instrument in a way that is exciting and fun. When I told her that her “try-out” lesson was exactly what I would envision if I had imagined a model music lesson for this age child and that she was a natural teacher, she told me that her mother, father, grandmother, only brother and sister-in-law are all teachers. So it runs in the family! She has taken Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshops on math, language, cultural subjects, the sensorial equipment, and practical life material. In addition Krystyna takes many workshops each year, including those on infants and toddlers, is certified in CPR, and has taught in our summer camp.

Luisa DeVittor Siles begins her seventeenth year with us as an assistant teacher, and regular dance teacher. She returned in 2007 after years at home with her child, much to the joy of her teacher friends who missed her energy and talent. When she worked with us before, she was both our physical education teacher and assistant with Tamiko O’Reilly. Luisa graduated cum laude from the University of Ubino in Italy, majoring in physical education, and is certified to teach physical education in Italy, where she was a tenured teacher for nine years. She has completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshop in math, and is certified in CPR with AED and Heartsaver first aid. Luisa taught jazz dance to adults here, has taught ballet, jazz, and tumbling at Dance Magic in Peekskill, taught at Katonah Playcare, and in Our Montessori School’s summer camp. When she first came to us, another teacher remarked, “We’ve struck gold with Luisa!” and, indeed we had. Luisa has an ability with children that is a wonder to behold—she knows exactly the right thing to say to each child at each moment.

Colleen Speight joins OMS this year assisting in one of our classes and spending the other half of her time working in the office. She holds a Master’s Degree in early Childhood Education from Mercy College. She also has a BA in English from Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, N.Y. Colleen is N.Y. State certified in Early Childhood Education and N.Y. State certified in Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 and Students with Disabilities. During college Colleen taught in several different schools. Of the most interest to us was the Bounous Montessori School. She said of all the methods of teaching, she was most drawn to the Montessori method. When Colleen came to work with the children at OMS, the children were very drawn to her. And Elizabeth Silverman in the office cannot wait to have her load lightened just a little bit. Colleen plays both piano and clarinet and is a published poet. She also enjoys yoga.

Denise Tillman begins her thirteenth year as ballet teacher for nursery/kindergarten, juniors, and seniors. She also teaches regular dance (creative movement and more) at our Carmel campus. Denise studied dance with June Evans and Sally McCracken as a child, and later with Don Farnworth as a member of his Young America Dance Company. She also studied the Feldenkrais Technique with Alicia Fortinberry, at the School of American Ballet, with Margaret Craske, and trained with Jack La Lanne in body sculpting instruction. Denise has ballet teacher certification through Don Farnworth and has more than thirty years of previous experience teaching dance. Her experience includes teaching ballet, pointe, jazz, and stretch exercise in her own studio, teaching adult stretch-exercise and creative dance for preschoolers at the Saw Mill River Club, ballet for children, jazz, and modern dance at the NWCA, ballet at World Cup Gymnastics, and dance at the Harvey School. Denise currently teaches at the Westchester Ballet and at Town and Country residence for seniors. In addition to teaching dance, she directed a class in theatre production and gave a class in story theatre at Cavalier Camp. Denise uses a wide range of music to give students exposure and uses pantomime and storytelling to involve students in a very personal way. Years ago when she came to give a trial lesson for us, one little one couldn’t contain herself—she announced, “I LIKE this dance teacher.”

Linda Yen begins her thirty-first year at OMS as assistant teacher. She taught nursery school for ages three through six in her native country, Taiwan, and has a wonderful way with children, plus an ability to know exactly what needs to be done and a willingness to do it. She completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshops on language, nursery math and the sensorial materials, is certified in first aid and CPR for infants, children, and adults, and each year takes a number of workshops in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.

Lunch and Extended Day Staff

Maria Magyar begins her third year doing lunch for us. She holds a Bachelor’s in Nursing with a health science orientation, which she earned in her native country, Hungary where she also received training in child-care and as an au pair. She knows how to encourage children to enjoy their lunchtime, not just rush through it.

Jamie Palevic begins her fifteenth year at OMS. In observing Jamie with the children, even from the first days, we saw that she is as confident and helpful as a teacher with many years of experience. Jamie has completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori course and CPR for the professional rescuer.

Aatika Shankar begins her second year at OMS in both our lunch and extended day programs. She holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce from Jammu University in India and did the required three-year article-ship required by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She worked as a social compliance auditor in New Delhi (fun to contemplate what that job could have involved!). Aatika trained in Indian classical music for four years and performed on stage and radio! She does an excellent job for us in her two roles—she is always very involved with the children she is caring for and they thoroughly enjoy her!

Tisha Varughese joins OMS this year and will be helping with our lunch program. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is a NYS incensed Mental Health Counselor. Tisha worked for five years as a mental health counselor at Astor Family Services in the Bronx, and was a children’s counselor at Alexian Brothers Hospital in Illinois for two years. She teaches Sunday school presently and volunteers at Friends of Karen.

Our School Secretary, Nurse and Other Staff

Diane Dobbins begins her nineteenth year as secretary in our office. She attended Baruch College/CUNY and Berkeley Secretarial School. She completed Elizabeth Silverman’s Montessori workshops on cultural subjects, practical life, and sensorial materials and has been trained in first aid and using the epinephrine auto-injector pen. Diane was a Girl Scout leader and taught an after-school art program. Diane previously was a secretary for Pepsi-Co, worked free-lance as a home “organizer,” and started her own gift-basket business called “Service with Distinction.” We first met Diane through the two latter jobs and were impressed with her integrity, flexibility, and organizing skills, which have been a great asset in our office.

Linda Elkind and Karen Faeth will alternate as our nurse from the Yorktown School District. Linda graduated from Misericordia School of Nursing as an RN and received a B.S. in health care from Iona College. Karen received a B.S. in nursing from Plattsburg State University and has some credits towards a Masters Degree from N.Y.U. They will do the screenings recommended by the Department of Education for our kindergarten through sixth grade—for vision, hearing, and scoliosis. They will also make sure immunizations are up-to-date and deal with the cuts, scrapes and tummy aches that come with the territory.

Jamie Cantrell begins her twenty-first year at OMS, this year again as editor of and chief reporter for our newsletter. (After being an assistant teacher with us for many years, she retired to be at home with her four grandchildren.) She attended Fordham University and retired from twenty-three years at Reader’s Digest, where she was an administrator and contract consultant. Jamie, an excellent writer, has greatly enlivened our newsletter with profiles of individual teachers, news of former students and of many classroom activities and special events.

Manix McClusky begins his third year at OMS take over the accounting aspect of co-founder, Werner Hengst’s job. He graduated from Queen’s College (when it was free!), has been a CPA for thirty-one years and is a former IRS agent. He has been a big help in getting OMS on Quickbooks for a much more efficient way of keeping up with all things financial.

Liala Sardo begins her twelfth year with OMS, this year doing layout for our newsletter, which has upgraded its look from “desktop”! Liala holds a B.S. in TV-R production from Ithaca College, where she minored in psychology. She also studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, SUNY Purchase, and Westchester Art Workshops—all art courses. She is a graphic designer, and worked at Wendy Tittel Graphic Design, Sunburst Communications, and the Museum of Broadcasting (now the Museum of TV and Radio). She plays the piano and guitar as hobbies and speaks Italian, loves to cook and loves to solve puzzles.

A happy place to learn!

Quality Care & Education

Our philosophy is based on the work of the Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. Where everyone had always asked, "How should we teach?", Montessori asked, "How do children Learn?" Her keen ability to observe the learning process resulted in a method of education which is designed to help the child accomplish the task of becoming a person.

Montessori recognized early that different children mature at different rates and are ready for different learning experiences at different times in their lives. To teach children at a level for which they are not yet ready confuses them and creates a sense of failure and incompetence which may haunt them all their lives. To teach them beneath their ability wastes their time and bores them.

Many of the learning materials in Our Montessori School are "self-correcting." This means that if a child makes a mistake, it is not the teacher who points out the error. Rather, the material allows the child to find and correct the error. In this way, repeated trials are encouraged without a sense of shame or failure.

In a very real sense, our children become responsible for their own learning and their own behavior. They learn to respect themselves and others, and they develop the inner discipline without which true freedom is not possible.

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